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Venue Rental

Welcome, as this private venue is here to assist with any type of event you're looking to host.  In-house decor services & rentals accompany the spacious seating area, ample parking, multi-user restrooms & a host of other amenities. In addition to other add-ons to help achieve your ideal event to include linens, balloon decor & backdrops, upgraded seating, bounce houses, and so much more!  Location is roughly 15 minutes from almost everywhere, reserve your date today!

5 Hour Venue Rental

(plus taxes/service fees)

4 hour venue rental plus 1 free hour for setup & breakdown

$75 for each add'l setup hour

"All-Day" Rental

(plus taxes/service fees)

8 hr venue rental

Hourly Rate

(plus taxes/service fees)

Per hr

The Intimate Wedding

(plus taxes/service fees)

2 hour venue rental & 1 hour rehearsal Backdrop & aisle décor, complimentary guest book & welcome sign, card box rental

Kid's Party + Add-On

(plus taxes/service fees)

4 hr venue rental
+ $110 bounce house
+ $220 soft play set up

Monday-Thursday Rental


(plus taxes/service fees)

$75 each add'l hr


(plus taxes/service fees)


4 hour venue rental

$75 for each add'l hour


Linens, Props, Backdrops, Champagne Walls, etc.

When inquiring about venue availability, feel free to inquire about other products/rentals!

Contact Us

Have questions about services that are offered, date or rental availability, or would like a quote? Please send them, looking forward to hearing from you!

3425 N Lindbergh Boulevard
St. Ann, MO 63074


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